A Reggi” or “Reggine in Chianti” was the name of the farm in 1400, property of the old hospital of Bonifacio Lupi, described in the tithes of the Republic of Florence as:” Podere composed part of cultivated lands, vineyards, fruit trees and mulberries, with some oak woods fruit and oak trees, all in one body, with worker house in the middle of domestic .”

In 1889 Reggine became the property Mariottini and in the early 1900s the wines produced by Pasquale grandfather were also very popular in the international area.

Later Elena, Alessandro, Carlo and Giovanni with respect for tradition, and with the same passion, have embarked on a company’s restoration program introducing important innovations in the cultivation and vinification techniques.

While the cellar area, the bottled wines production and the development is entirely managaed by Filippo Mariottini the young face of the company, togheter with the collobaration with the internationally renowned oenologist Franco Bernabei.